Youth Week 2017

Youth week is about highlighting youth contribution to the community. At Cardiff RSL we support this and many other recruitment initiatives that represent our members and guests. In 2016 we recognised the need to support new entrants in the industry especially youth. In recognising that we made a commitment, each year we would support in conjunction with Club specific external training, Barrington Group , on the job training and a NSW State traineeship of a Certificate 111 in Hospitality.

This year our ambassador for a new entrant, youth, is Morghan. As part of Morghans development in the industry she will also be give training in Mental Health First Aid and become part of the Peer Support/Mentoring Group that is instrumental in the success of Cardiff RSL Employee Wellness Program therefore representing the 18-24 age group. Welcome to the team and the community Morghan we know you will be a great asset.