Our Sustainability Plan

Cardiff RSL Club is the “Pride of the Community” and within that we pride ourselves into looking at all areas of the club where we can help our environment and the community.

We have developed a sustainability plan where we looked at our day to day running of the club and found there are some things we can change to help our environment.


Here are some of the changes we have implemented:


  • Replaced Plastic Straws for Paper and Biodegradable Straws
  • Use of biodegradable bin liners instead of plastic with Compost-A-Pak
  • Collection of recyclable materials such as glass, aluminium


  • Removed plastic teaspoons and replaced with bamboo teaspoons
  • Removed bleached white napkins and replaced with recycled paper napkins
  • Collect all food scraps and coffee grounds to be composted by Feedback Organic Recovery


  • Removed bleached white hand towel and replaced with recycled paper hand towel
  • Installation of sensors for auto flushing


  • Installation of 100kW Solar Panel System


  • Replaced plastic bags with branded tote bags for prize collection
  • offer incentive to re-use the bags at next raffle for a complimentary drink

In 2018 we were nominated for an award at the Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards for our efforts described above.
We are dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint and become a more environmentally friendly venue for a better community. We will continue to find more ways to achieve more goals here at Cardiff RSL.