Cardiff RSL Philosophy

The Cardiff RSL has a strong and personal relationship with members and their guests. The management and staff have sought from the the beginning, to provide a facility of which every member can be proud.

Our philosphy embraces the concept of mateship in the true Aussie sense. We consider our members to be as family and go to great lengths to ensure they are treated as such.

Everyone is welcome at the RSL Club! When you join, rest assured that every member of the staff will do their best to make your visits both memorable and rewarding.

Kokoda Sponsorship - Cardiff RSL Club Media Release

Two local high school students will ensure the tradition and sacrifices of Aussie Diggers lives on with a life changing and arduous ten day trek across the original Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea this September.

Josie Harrison (Cardiff High School) and Matthew Rankin (Glendale Technology High School) will experience presentations at significant battle sites and discussions on sacrifice, courage, mateship, endurance and leadership. At the same time the trek instils a commitment to community service, enhancing personal development by providing a unique opportunity to experience the same conditions under which our Diggers fought.

The Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge (KYLC) is a peer group leadership program established by the RSL & Services Clubs Association in 2004 and Cardiff RSL and the Cardiff RSL Sub Branch are proud to sponsor Josie and Matthew on this trek.

Cardiff RSL’s Secretary Manager, Ken Williams is delighted that Cardiff RSL and the Cardiff RSL Sub Branch are able to play a part in this important leadership program while reliving and educating local students of perhaps the most significant battle fought by Australians in World War 11 where more than 600 Australians were killed and some 1680 wounded.

The Trek will take place from 23rd September to 4th October.

Photo: L-R
Ken Williams – Secretary Manager, Cardiff RSL Club
Greg McColl – President, Cardiff RSL Club
Matthew Rankin – Glendale Technology High School
Josie Harrison – Cardiff High School
Syd Lynch – Cardiff RSL Sub Branch

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Youth Week 2017

Youth week is about highlighting youth contribution to the community. At Cardiff RSL we support this and many other recruitment initiatives that represent our members and guests. In 2016 we recognised the need to support new entrants in the industry especially youth. In recognising that we made a commitment, each year we would support in conjunction with Club specific external training, Barrington Group , on the job training and a NSW State traineeship of a Certificate 111 in Hospitality.

This year our ambassador for a new entrant, youth, is Morghan. As part of Morghans development in the industry she will also be give training in Mental Health First Aid and become part of the Peer Support/Mentoring Group that is instrumental in the success of Cardiff RSL Employee Wellness Program therefore representing the 18-24 age group. Welcome to the team and the community Morghan we know you will be a great asset.

Board of Directors

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South Cardiff FC Gunners

We support our local team…..

Congratulations to South Cardiff Football Club for progressing through to the final 32 of the inaugural FFA Cup!

Kokoda Trail

Cardiff RSL Club & Cardiff RSL Sub Branch sponsor local students to Trek Kokoda!

The fifth Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge will leave Sydney in August with 26 young men and women aged 16 to 23 tackling one of the world’s toughest treks.

The RSL & Services Clubs Association launched the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge in 2005 as a major community project designed to develop disadvantaged or wayward youth into the leaders of tomorrow.  It is also aimed at fostering young people with leadership ability and more than 45 young men and women have already made the trek.

The Kokoda youth Leadership Challenge is unique in that it combines realistic physical and mental challenges with a blend of historical, cultural and environmental learning experiences.

The program is designed for young Australians who have leadership potential and to influence them to become leaders as a result. This experience will bring a deeper understanding of the achievements and sacrifices our diggers made during the Kokoda campaign.

Cardiff RSL Secretary Manager, Benjamin Hamilton said “This is a fantastic opportunity for the younger generations to develop an understanding of our national history. This initiative goes a long way towards the Club’s community service goal of strengthening links with local schools and the community in general.”

Cardiff Sub Branch President, Sid Lynch added “It is great to see the students showing interest and enthusiasm towards the heritage left by Australian Defence Force personnel. The RSL is now facing decline in membership numbers and programs like this are excellent in preserving the appreciation of what diggers from past generations have achieved.”

Good Sports Program

Cardiff RSL Supports the Good Sports Program.

Cardiff RSL has been proactive in promoting and encouraging sporting clubs to sign to the Australian Drug Foundation’s ‘Good Sports’ Program. In December 2007 Project Officer, Marc Glanville, delivered a presentation to all sport clubs sponsored by Cardiff RSL with all subsequently signing to the program.

“The aims of the program represent the same values and philosophy of Cardiff RSL, there was no question that we want our sponsored clubs to share the same views in some formal capacity. Not only does this program promote strong positive values it assigns some responsibility and assists in the broader community to understand and appreciate the operating environment and compliance obligations of registered clubs like Cardiff RSL to alcohol consumption and healthy eating choices.”

The Board of Cardiff RSL have developed a policy that requires club’s to sign to the Good Sports program to be eligible to receive sponsorship.

The aims of the Good Sports program are to essentially to;

  • Promote relevance and importance to the local community,
  • Sell and consume alcohol within the law,
  • Reduce alcohol related problems in society,
  • Increase club viability,
  • Duty of Care to players, parents, spectators and the wider community,
  • Eliminate drink driving, and
  • Provide education and support.

Good Sports explains that a number of benefits are experienced by Clubs committed to the program.

These includes;

  • Better Image to the community,
  • More attractive club,
  • Safer and more secure environment,
  • More volunteers,
  • More players,
  • More financially viable.

In summary, the program is embarking on changing society’s attitudes and culture with respect to alcohol consumption and healthy eating options to provide a safer and friendly environment.