Club Policies

Privacy Policy

Privacy Act 1998 as amended by the privacy Amendment private Sector Act 2000
Purpose of the Privacy Policy
Cardiff RSL Club Limited is registered under the Registered Clubs Act 1976.  The Club is required to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1998 (“Privacy Act”) and the Australian Privacy Principles which regulated, among other things, the collection, storage, quality, use and disclosures of personal informationWhat personal information do we collect?
Personal information is any information that can be used to identify a person no matter how it is collected or recorded.  The kinds of personal information that we collect include, but not limited to:

  • Name, Residence, email & other addresses, telephone numbers, social media participation details
  • Gender, age, interests, occupation, club PINS or passwords, details from driver’s license and other forms of identification that are produced to us , credit savings and debit card details
  • Details of points of contact with the club, photographs, CCTV records, and details of activities with or within the club or dealings with the club including player reward accruals.

The Club collects this information from you by various means including without limitation by you completing your membership applications or renewal from, completing entries into competitions and promotions.

Your personal information is held securely in our computer system and where your personal information has been provided in hard copy format this information is destroyed, held securely on a Club site or held securely in off-site storage.

The Club collects this information in order to:

  • Identify you and process your membership application
  • Meet statutory requirements under the Registered Clubs Act, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism laws and other relevant legislation
  • Contact members to advertise and market events, activities, opportunities or offers the goods and services provided by the Club (including direct mail, telephone, SMS and MMS)including without limitation with respect to food and beverage, promotions, entertainment, wagering, gaming machines, gaming, sporting events and venue hire.
  • Analyse  usage of food and services offered by the Club
  • Provide you with goods or services you are receiving or utilizing as offered by the Club and to offer and administer any benefits you subsequently become entitled to in relation to that product or service.

Visitors and Guests

Under the Registered Clubs Act Patrons visiting our registered Club are required to produce suitable identification to gain entry to the premises.  Suitable identification is primarily Driver’s License, Passport and Proof of Age Cards.  We record your details when signing in.  Cardiff RSL Club uses an electronic sign in system and in most cases will scan your identification for faster and safer processing.  If you do not wish to have your identification scanned you can notify us prior to signing in.   

Use of the information you provide

Cardiff RSL will not use your personal information for any purpose which is not related to the Primary Purpose for which it is collected.  This includes:

  • To deliver the products and services that you requested
  • To provide you with further information about the products and services you requested
  • To personalize and customize your experience with Cardiff RSL
  • To help Cardiff RSL review, manage and enhance its services
  • To develop reports for monthly Board Meetings and Annual General Meeting
  • To communicate with you

We will not use your personal information for any purpose for which you would not reasonably expect us to use your personal information.

In addition to the Primary Purpose Cardiff RSL may use Personal Information we collect and you consent to us using your Personal Information for:

  • Providing you with news about any products or services
  • Send you marketing and promotional material that you may be interested in
  • Communicate with you, including email, telephone and mail
  • Investigate any complaints about or made by you, or if we have reason to suspect you have breached any relevant terms and conditions
  • As required or permitted by any law
  • As part of the conditions of entry under Covidsafe practices authorisation is given to the club to disclose a person’s details to the Chief Health Officer of NSW upon request.

The Club may disclose your information to third parties that provide services under contract to the Club.  These contracts require the third party to keep your personal information confidential and secure.

You have the right to request access to what personal information we hold for you.  You will need to contact the club to request this information.

Information Storage
Personal information on our members and guests is stored and archived in controlled environments for a period of seven (7) years.  Employees of Cardiff RSL are bound by confidentiality agreements to protect your privacy.

Surveillance inside our venue
Cardiff RSL has and uses surveillance systems.  It is important to note that when visiting the Club you will be recorded on our surveillance system.  We may use these recordings to view or assist if an incident occurs on our premises.  We do not disclose our surveillance records unless we are required by law or to investigate illegal or undesirable activities within our Club.

Quality and accuracy

The Club relies on the information provided by members to be accurate and current.  The Club will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it collects uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up to date.
If you believe the personal information we hold on you is incorrect please advise us in writing, sending your letter or email to the Privacy Officer using the details below.  We will take reasonable steps to correct Club records appropriately and within a reasonable time frame except where the Privacy Act prohibits it or does not require it.

If we become aware of a data security breach then we will promptly act on that breach by applying the  Office of the Australian Information Commission ‘s Guide  for data breach notification. . The action may include a review of our internal security procedures, taking remedial acton, notifying affected individuals and The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) . If we are unable to notify individuals, the Club will publish a statement on our website and take reasonable steps to publish the contents of this statement.

If you wish to make a complaint about the Club’s use of your personal information please put your complaint in writing, providing as much detail as possible, and forward it by letter or email to the  Secretary Manager (Privacy Officer ) using the details below.  The Privacy Officer or another representative of the Club will investigate the complaint and will provide you with a written response following the completion of the investigation.

Privacy Officer
Garry Malone
Cardiff RSL Club Limited
45 Macquarie Road
Cardiff NSW 2285
PH: 02 4954 0766 – Fax: 02 4956 6627


Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

In the best interest of it’s members, guests and the community we promote the responsible service or alcohol in our club at all times. 


Responsible serving of alcohol is vital for legal, health and community reasons. Our society is not tolerant of the irresponsible use of alcohol that leads to drunkenness, drink driving and under age drinking. We are now far more aware of the serious problems that are associated with such behavior.

Cardiff RSL Club has adopted the following strategies for the Responsible Service of Alcohol:
  • HOUSE POLICY providing the framework for the responsible serving of alcohol.
  • TRAINING OF STAFF so that they can implement and promote the house policy.
  • EDUCATION OF PATRONS so that they understand the implications of and abide by the responsible service of alcohol policy.
  • PROMOTING SAFE TRANSPORT OPTIONS Cardiff RSL Club will effect these strategies by:
    • Implementation, monitoring, and modification on an ongoing basis of the Club’s house policy.
    • Preventing under age drinking by insisting on “proof of age” by requesting a driver’s licence, passport or “proof of age card” issued by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority.
    • Preventing intoxication by recognising the signs of intoxication and avoiding serving anyone to the point of intoxication. We will deny entry or service to anyone who is already intoxicated.
    • Managing intoxication, anti-social or disruptive patrons by attempting to discourage them from becoming involved in activities which can harm themselves or others.
    • We will promote the service of non-alcoholic beverages and food.


  • Prevent under age drinking.
  • Prevent or manage intoxication and intoxicated behaviour.
  • Prevent or manage violent or disruptive behaviour.
  • Prevent drinking and driving.


It is the policy of this Club to not allow intoxicated, violent or quarrelsome behavior in or around our Club at any time.

We want all patrons to enjoy themselves. For many people alcohol is a pleasurable part of their daily life and we respect that. We are here to serve people with alcoholic beverages, professionally, courteously and responsibly. We will not allow people to drink to excess and place themselves, other patrons and the community at risk.


Here at Cardiff RSL we see ourselves as a family Club. In order to maintain this atmosphere, parents are requested to supervise their children at all times.

Children are to remain in the immediate company of the accompanying parent/adult at all times.


To enjoy the high standard maintained in our club, we request patrons abide by the dress rules.
Appearance MUST be clean, neat and tidy at all times.
The following are NOT permitted:

  • Offensive or obscene clothing
  • Scarves, bandannas and Hair Rollers
  • Bare feet
  • Training apparel, swimwear or leotards
  • Hats or Caps
  • Football, bicycle gym or boxer shorts
  • Singlets or muscle shirts (sleeveless)
  • Midriff Tops
  • Dirty/soiled clothing, overalls or footwear
  • sharp studded belts or similar

Management’s decision shall be final in all matters relating to dress rules.

Registered Club Acts Notice